Payday Loan Debt Consolidation

payday loan debt consolidation I have lost count on how many people I talk to in a month searching for help to get out of the payday loan nightmare they have found themselves caught up in.

And in many cases people got loans not because they wanted the extra money it’s because something out of the blue pops up and they were just cash strapped at that moment in time.

Everything from needing to get the roof fixed on the house to paying a medical bill. And we understand – it’s called life and things happen.

And these good folks (you) who have tried other ways of raising the money find no other option other then to get a payday loan.

Well when you’re back is to the wall you have to do what you have to do.

But what I truly hate is the payday loan companies have it set up so they trap you in a payday loan cycle that in many cases is just to difficult to get out of in the short term and people end up paying huge fees and interest payments.

This is where we can help.

We’re not a bank so we don’t care about your credit rating – and you don’t need any collateral – that’s why every single person who applies for our service qualifies for our service.

Once enrolled with us we will consolidate all your payday loans into one loan payment. The great thing about doing this is that your new loan payment will be 50% to 75% lower than what you’re currently paying for all of your payday loans combined.

So to give you an example – on average most people are paying $700 or $800 every 2 weeks for their payday loan payments.

Once enrolled in our program and after consolidating your loans you new payment will now be around $138 every 2 weeks.

That’s a huge saving for anyone – and instead of giving all your money to these lenders every two weeks. You now have money left in your pocket for your everyday needs while at the same time paying off your payday loans.

I put a short video together for you that really explains how we do payday loan debt consolidation and how we can help you.

As a matter of fact we can start getting you out of your payday loan debt in as little as two hours.

After watching the video give us a call toll free at 1-877-280-5100 so we can help you end your payday loan debt today, or if you prefer you can fill out our free online quote form.


Christmas Is Over – How To Payoff A Payday Loan

This is the worst time of the year for a lot of people and the busiest time for payday lenders .

It’s Christmas time and a lot of people are short of money for Christmas so they turn to a payday loan so they can have a nice Christmas.

I understand why – but that’s a huge mistake – one that most people end up paying for over a long period of time.

What happens is people find that they can’t pay the loan back in full when it is due so now they have to re-new the loan over and over again trapping them into a cycle of debt until they can save enough money to pay the principle loan off.

Many borrows don’t realize it’s the high interest rates trapping them in this cycle of debt. All a borrow is focused on when getting a loan is getting the money. They don’t think of what’s going to happen after they signed their life away for this payday loan.

Did you know that on average and I’m talking about 2013 – the average percentage rate for a payday loan was (is) 339% and some percentage rates are over 1000%.

So Christmas has passes and now the reality of getting that payday loan is probably just starting to sink in.

The lender wants the loan to be paid off within 2 weeks. Where is the money going to come from to pay this loan off?

Unfortunately if you’re like most borrowers you just don’t have the extra cash to pay this loan off and you’re left with no choice but to re-new the loan for another 2 weeks.

But in my experience this is just delaying the problem – most people won’t have the money to pay the loan off in full in another 2 weeks.

And this is how the payday loan debt cycle starts. You see most lenders can only re-new a loan so many times and then you have to pay it off. But if you don’t have the money what do you do?

Well you go to another lender get a new loan and take that money to payoff the other loan. But now you have a new loan, one that is due in 2 weeks.

Can you see how you can get so easily trapped in payday loan debt?

Ok so now you’re trapped – how the hell do you get out of it?

Well it’s a lot easier then you think.

Watch this short video and see how easy it is for you to payoff all your payday loans and get out of payday loan debt forever.


Plan For Christmas – Avoid Payday Loans

It’s that time of year and so many people are feeling the pressure of having that perfect Christmas with all the presents and trimmings.

In order not to start the new year in debt – please do not take out a payday loan. You may not feel the impact of your decision now but you will later.

And I speak from experience.

Typically in January and February we get an increase in calls from people who did take out payday loans to cover Christmas and they now find themselves over their heads in payday loan debt.

They are struggling and they tell us it was not worth getting a loan just to cover Christmas.

I want you to also think of the interest charges. Whatever amount your borrowed and used for Christmas will cost so much more in the end – that hundred dollar gift could easily cost you three hundred dollars when it’s all said and done.

The way to avoid getting into payday loan debt because of Christmas is to plan ahead. If you want to spend money at Christmas you have to start saving for it.

See what it costs for the gifts you would like to buy and then start putting a side a little money each week. If you can’t get the ideal gift don’t worry about it, find something else. It truly is the thought that counts.

Don’t get pressured into debt by these payday lenders telling you how wonderful your Christmas will be if you only had the extra money.

They don’t care about you or your family – this is business to them and the holiday season is one of the biggest business seasons for these lenders.

They pray on folks who don’t have the extra cash for Christmas time. Don’t fall for their lies. Christmas is about being with friends and family – not who got the most presents.

Change Your Habits

Get in the habit of putting away a little money for emergencies and for the things you want.

And also get in the habit of paying yourself first. Seriously you earned the money so why pay everyone else first and then work with whats left over, it makes no sense.

From every dollar you earn take 10% and put into a saving account – now pay all your other expenses. Do that for one year and see how much you have? You’ll be surprised!!

And if you are trapped in payday loan debt you know you can call us anytime at 1-877-280-5100 or use our online form for a free quote and no obligation consultation.

We’re here to help.



Can A Person Consolidate Payday Loans?

I get asked this question all the time…

Can A Person Consolidate Payday Loans?

And the short answer is YES!!

But may people have no idea that we provide this service (more about that in a minute).

When you talk to most people and you say loan consolidation – right away they think you’re talking about getting a consolidation loan from the bank.

And for most people caught in payday loan debt that is NOT an option.

Well think about it – if they could have approached the bank in the first place to help them out of their financial crisis I think it’s very safe to say they would not have gotten a payday loan.

You see a bank needs you to have good credit – well usually great credit – and if your credit is a little light then you need to have collateral that exceeds the amount of the loan.

Where as with a payday loan debt you don’t need any collateral what so ever – why would you – with their crazy interest charges you’re going to end up handing them your paycheck every 2 weeks until you pay the loan back.

And unfortunately most people just can’s do it. After they pay the lender they have no money left over for everyday things so they usually have to go get another payday loan to cover those costs.

And the cycle continues – actually it can get even worse. Some people have had to go to another lender to get a loan and then use that loan to pay off the first loan.

Why the hell would they do that?

They have no choice – mot lenders can only rollover a payday loan so many times.

What’s a rollover?

A rollover is the option that a lender will give you if you cannot re-pay the loan back in the required 2 week period. All the borrower has to do is pay a fee and the interest and then the lender will give the borrower another 2 weeks to pay the loan back.

Oh the borrower still owes the original loan amount, fees and interest. But a lender can only do this so many times, and believe me the lender loves it when this happens – in fact they want it to happen.

This is how the lenders make most of their money – they know most people cannot payback the loan right away so it just puts millions of dollars into their coffers.

So if you can’t get a consolidation loan from the bank, and you have no other resources for getting money to get out of your payday loan trap. What can you do?

You call us!!

We have a Payday Loan Consolidation Program that everyone qualifies for. You don’t need any collateral and we don’t care about your credit. All we care about is getting you out of your payday loan debt.

Using our program we will get your monthly payments reduced by 50 – 75% less then what you’re paying now for ALL your payday loans combined!!

Here check out this short video – and then call us right away 1-877-280-5100 or use our free online form. We can start getting you oput of your payday loan debt in as little as 2 hours!!