Payday Loan Debt Consolidation – What Are You Waiting For?

Everyday I get people calling begging to get help for the hell they are in with payday loans.

In most cases all they needed was quick cash because some financial emergency popped up and they did not have the funds for it.

But you see the problem with using payday loans is this:

I get that you needed money for the emergency and you got that problem solved. But without realizing it you have created a whole new problem.

You see when that loan comes due in 2 weeks the lender is going to want it paid off in full plus interest and fees.

Seems easy enough.

Here’s the problem – if you can pay off the loan in full how much money does that leave you out of your paycheck?

Do you have enough to get you to your next paycheck?

What happens if you don’t have the money to get you to your next paycheck – what are you going to do for food, gas, bills and so on?

So if you can’t borrow money from a friend or family member to get you to your next paycheck, and you don’t have anything to pawn or sell – now what?

You end up going back to the payday lender to get a loan to get you to your next paycheck, but remember they will want the loan paid of in full – so know you are just back to where you started.

This is one way the payday loan cycle get’s started.

The other way the payday loan cycle starts is when you don’t have the money to pay off the loan in full and you ask for an extension (roll over).

The lenders love to extend loans because they make more money off you – they will charge you a fee and all you have to do is pay the interest. But the full amount of the loan plus the original interest is still due in full 2 weeks from your extension.

many people have to do this over and over again and when the lender cannot extend the loan – people will go to another lender to get a new loan and take that money to pay of the old loan – but now all that has happened is these people are in the same debt cycle just with another lender.

If you happen to be reading this and you are in that payday loan cycle we can help.

Watch the video bellow and let me show you how we can start getting you out of your payday loan debt in as little as 2 hours. And then give us a call.


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