Payday Loan Laws For Military

military The Military Lending Act was passed in 2007 to protect all active military personnel from predatory lending practices – this would be payday loans, car title loans and refund anticipation loans.

It also protects active National Guard or Reserve personnel, and their dependents.

The MLM provisions are as follows:

– Caps annual interest rates for consumer credit to military borrowers at 36 percent including all fees and charges, credit insurance premiums and other ancillary charges.

– Prohibits lender from securing a consumer credit loan to a military borrower with a personal check, debit authorization, wage allotment, or title to a vehicle.

– Requires written and oral disclosure of interest rates and payment obligations before loan is issued.

Retains the following legal rights for borrowers:

  1. States must enforce their own laws to protect military families stationed within their borders.
  2. Lenders cannot require mandatory arbitration or unreasonable notice provisions in the event of a dispute with borrowers.
  3. Lenders cannot require that borrowers waive their right to legal recourse under any law, including the Service members Civil Relief Act.

– Prohibits rollovers, or same-creditor refinances, renewals or consolidations.

– Makes violations a misdemeanor and preserves remedies including awarding of damages and voiding of contracts.

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