Plan For Christmas – Avoid Payday Loans

It’s that time of year and so many people are feeling the pressure of having that perfect Christmas with all the presents and trimmings.

In order not to start the new year in debt – please do not take out a payday loan. You may not feel the impact of your decision now but you will later.

And I speak from experience.

Typically in January and February we get an increase in calls from people who did take out payday loans to cover Christmas and they now find themselves over their heads in payday loan debt.

They are struggling and they tell us it was not worth getting a loan just to cover Christmas.

I want you to also think of the interest charges. Whatever amount your borrowed and used for Christmas will cost so much more in the end – that hundred dollar gift could easily cost you three hundred dollars when it’s all said and done.

The way to avoid getting into payday loan debt because of Christmas is to plan ahead. If you want to spend money at Christmas you have to start saving for it.

See what it costs for the gifts you would like to buy and then start putting a side a little money each week. If you can’t get the ideal gift don’t worry about it, find something else. It truly is the thought that counts.

Don’t get pressured into debt by these payday lenders telling you how wonderful your Christmas will be if you only had the extra money.

They don’t care about you or your family – this is business to them and the holiday season is one of the biggest business seasons for these lenders.

They pray on folks who don’t have the extra cash for Christmas time. Don’t fall for their lies. Christmas is about being with friends and family – not who got the most presents.

Change Your Habits

Get in the habit of putting away a little money for emergencies and for the things you want.

And also get in the habit of paying yourself first. Seriously you earned the money so why pay everyone else first and then work with whats left over, it makes no sense.

From every dollar you earn take 10% and put into a saving account – now pay all your other expenses. Do that for one year and see how much you have? You’ll be surprised!!

And if you are trapped in payday loan debt you know you can call us anytime at 1-877-280-5100 or use our online form for a free quote and no obligation consultation.

We’re here to help.



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