9 Unlicensed Lenders Ordered To Stop

In Idaho the department of finance has ordered 9 unlicensed internet payday loan companies to stop making loans.

Here is the list of those companies:

1) Aboriginal GR Enterprises, also doing business as SignMyLoan.net Center, Invicity, Cash Advance Service NLS CashAdvance, GoMyTown, LLC, US National Payday Loan, and Enom, Inc. (Vancouver, B.C.)

2) Fast Funds, LLC also doing business as FasteFunds.com (West Indies)

3)Hydra Financial Limited Loan Fund I also doing business as Hydra Financial Limited Loan Fund II, Hydra Limited Loan Fund III, and Hydra Limited Loan Fund IV (New Zealand)

4) Cash Jar, also doing business as Down Under Ventures LTD and Hong Kong Partners, LTD (Belize City, Belize)

5) GTI Holdings, LLC (Wilmington, Del.)

6) VIP PDL Services, LLC also doing business as The VIP Loan Shop (West Indies)

7) Shoreline Online, LLC (Kansas City, Mo.)

8) Huskhawk Group LTD, also doing business as Huskhawk Marketing Group and Huskhawk Marketing Company (West Indies) —

9) Vince Enterprises LTD (Encino, Calif.)

The real scary part about an unlicensed payday loan company is they can sell your information as soon as they get it – and with information being a very hot commodity you can safely bet the farm they have already sold it to the highest bidder.

Has your information been sold?

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